Friday, November 28, 2008


Happy Day After.

Hope your day was fonz-tastic.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I opened the box.

my current addiction:

I've had it on my phone since the App became available but at work this week (when I couldn't handle hearing that damn Taylor Swift Love Story song one more time) I busted out the desktop version. And I'm hooked! The creating of stations is addicting. What artist will Pandora think sounds like this artist? It's like the yahoo radio I used so much in college that I literally ran out of hours per month that the free radio allowed. But this is better. Individual stations! And then I discovered the Quickmix option! I now understand why it's called Pandora. Once you open it...

p.s. apparently you can have friends on it too. anyone got pandora and want to be friends?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the third diminsion!

It's all going to come true. Back to the Future II's predictions being the "It" I am referring to. In the year 2015, my friends:

  • the Cubs will win the World Series against Miami

  • Holograms will interact with people

  • fingerprints will be the main form of identity recognition

  • news will be transferred instantaneously

  • engines will run on alternative energy

  • cars will fly

  • Nike made hightop shoes that laced themselves up

  • movies will be in 3-D

We're remarkably close on a number of these predictions:

  • The Cubs and Tampa Bay (close enough...neither the Ray or Marlins existed when BTTF2 was released) could very well have met in this year's World Series. And that, I think, is hope for all you Cubs fans. Only 6 seasons to go.

  • there were Hologram people used on the news on election night (which was a little too Princess Leia "You're my only hope" for my taste)

  • fingerprints are used all over the place for identity, including on laptops

  • news is 24/7 and you know things are happening as they are unfolding

  • we're working on alternative energy for vehicles (though someone should really make Mr. Fusion so we could run on our trash...and apparently people are trying )

  • nothing yet on the flying car...or hoverboard

  • apparently Nike has done this: Nike eventually released a limited-edition version of the shoes, sans the "power-lace" feature, called the Air McFly, in July 2008.[3] Though apparently they only made 350 pairs and they don't even lace themselves. Lame sauce.

  • And 3-D is for real. There are so many movies coming out on 3-D in the coming years. It was just announced that Beauty and the Beast will be coming out in 2010. which I think is an animated feature that will totally be worth the 3-D experience. AND I'm really excited for Toy Story 3 in 3-D. Umm yeah...that's right. And, from what I'm heard, it's about the toys after Andy leaves for college (yeah, do the math, you are that old). And of course the original voices will be back. Pretty stoked. I'm so fully on board for 3 D.

And here's to the promise of a Hoverboard.

Though truth be told, I would horribly injure myself on something so awesome, but it would be too awesome to not try.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekly TV Roundup

Yes, I'm a slacker. But this week warranted that I actually do this.

  • Big Bang Theory. Klingon Boggle. Smart creepsters tracking down the ANTM house. The Battle Royale between Penny and Sheldon. Humor all around. Watch the show people, it's fun times.
  • HIMYM. Not A Fathers Day (there is an actual website. I love the interaction of this show!) The correlation between a baby and drunk Lily was brilliant. And Ted is already a dorky dad. Love it.
  • Chuck. This show is so awesomely reminiscent of the cheesy action crime shows of the 80s it makes me happy. Plus it's a hybrid of The OC and Alias. Plus it's got Tony Hale from Arrested Development.
  • OTH. It was for the USO concert. I was actually really disappointed in that. And the thought kept running through my head "would a bunch of military men be so stoked for a concert with a couple of slow emo-ish songs sung by ladies? i mean really." But I am excited for the next couple weeks episodes.
  • Heroes. This show is so lost right now, it's sad. I could tell what it was trying to do, but it just didn't do it for me. Here's to hoping for better things in the second half of the season.


  • Fringe. It felt like forever since there had been an episode. And it had been. But, it wasn't too bad. I think it's still finding its feet. I still say it needs a little Greg Grunberg...


  • Bones. So stinkin' happy it is back. And loved the episode this week with Booth's bro. We finally got some insight to Booth and I really appreciated how it was written and played out. Definitely one of the better episodes all season...getting back to the characters and away from the random cases and intern shuffle.


  • Ugly Betty. I'm digging Marc's new emo boy haircut. Great one liners. The heart is definitely back this season.
  • Greys. The episode ended with a big WTF. Seriously? Ridiculous. Really pissed me off. I love me some Jeffery Dean Morgan and his scruff and ability to look good in a T Shirt but seriously? Enough already. I truly feel sorry for the actors who play Alex and George. When are they getting decent storylines for their characters again? But I really appreciate the McSteamy and Callie friendship which will eventually lead to a true relationship that neither have had. (though the whole Little Sloan stays out of Little Grey was great) And the Yang/Hot Army Doc tension/relationship is excellent. and p.s. I think that Vaughn needs to come back and kill Lauren Reed again. I'm just saying. That's always who she'll be and I irrationally already hate her character.
  • The Office. I missed the beginning but who cares. The Oscar/Andy drunk dynamic was fabulous. I love it.

And now I'm off to go see Bond 22. Yay!!! I've only been waiting 3 years. This last couple of hours has been killing me. Slightly excited. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

popped culture: music edition 2

Personally, I continue to think that Taylor Swift is overrated. I didn't care for her when she first came out. A song or two off her first album grew on me a bit (I mean, you really couldn't escape them. They were on every station like that stupid Kid Rock/Sweet Home Alabama song. But I digress). But the more Taylor Swift was shoved down my throat, the more and more I just didn't get it. Then yesterday I watched the CMT Crossroads with her and Def Leppard (whom I have seen in concert and dig. How can you not like a band with a one-armed drummer?) and I again was struck by the thought of "I don't get what the big deal is." Her voice, not that good. Her shiny gold dress, not appropriate with the dancing she was doing as a teenager...and her dancing wasn't very good either. Not a good stage presence at all. Answer me this: Would she be as "wildly popular" if she wasn't a 6 foot tall blonde teenager? I don't think so. She writes from her heart and thus people identify with her songs...which is just fine. But Taylor Swift is overrated.

p.s. if you want to see what it should be the CMT Crossroads with Bon Jovi and Sugarland. They were having a great time putting on a great show. Class acts. And they can sing the hell outta that 6 foot tall blonde teenager.
****by the way. Since I wrote this yesterday, I swear to you she is now haunting me. At work, the XM country station plays and this morning they played abour 6 Taylor Swift songs in a row as some sort of spotlight. and the stupid Love Story song itself has played 8 times. I want to poke my ears out. That makes absolutely no sense. This is what Taylor Swift overload has done to me. Ugh. Make it stop!****

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And the winner is...

Tim Lincecum. 2008 Cy Young Winner.
As he should be.

Listen to the song below. You'll never be able to just say his name again. You'll sing it. And your life will be just a little bit better.

Our future really is looking up. And I think the time has come to pass this torch on. I believe he is worthy. Snow held it to the highest of standards and I don't doubt that Lincecum will take it to a whole new meaning. My friends:

Friday, October 31, 2008

Live from New York...

Hello. My name is Jen. I have watched Saturday Night Live for as long as I can remember. And I think and hope that my head shall explode this weekend. Not that my head will literally explode, that would be quite the Debbie Downer or even quite McGruber-y. But I have hope that this week could continue the upward trend of this season's SNL redemption. Last week's Jon Hamm's John Ham. Brilliant. Coldplay's multiple performances. Lovely. Adele's performances a couple weeks back just furthered my appreciation for her awesomeness. The Weekend Update Thursday editions..hilarious. After a decade of touch and go I think the show may be back. But then again, I fear my SNL experience with no Amy Poehler. But this week with Ben Affleck and (sigh) David Cook and it being the last one before the election...I have high hopes.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I went for a walk with a coworker on the nature trail at work today. On it, we passed under a big thundercloud just as it made a HUGE thunderclap. And I got all giddy. Then, it started raining a bit. And my giddiness continued. No lightning this time. But....the thunder and lightning season is here! Wahoo!
p.s. Don't be confused, I was actually extremely disappointed to live in Florida for 9 months and not get to experience an actual hurricane. I'm weird like that.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

random ramblings and observations

  • I am a deranged individual at times, I know this. I can't help laughing and rewatching when someone gets hit by a vehicle on TV or in a movie. And then last week, it almost happened in real life. I was driving home from work and this old man was jaywalking across the road and he didn't see me coming. Luckily, I saw him and slowed to a stop. As I stopped, he finally noticed me and started old man running to get past me - and into the next lane of traffic with another oncoming car. Luckily, the oncoming car was able to stop in time but literally I was seconds away from seeing an old man get hit by a car. And that's when it hit me that it is actually a great fear of mine to see it happen in real life. Maybe that's why I like watching it so much, in hopes I'll never have to witness the real thing. But I really can watch Brad Pitt get hit in Meet Joe Black over and over and over again.
  • It is Halloween on Friday. I don't really care about Halloween. What I do care about is the fact that it means that November is this week which means we're really really close to 2009. And that scares me a bit.
  • What also scares me a bit is something my friend Jo and I realized yesterday. Next Presidential election, I'll be 30. That scares the crap out of me (along with who knows what is going to happen between then and now)
  • I've been over the election for a good long time now. And I haven't begun to peruse the handbook yet. All I know is this: NO on 2. and I'm thinking that the whole high speed railway plan doesn't sound that thought out or absolutely necessary.
  • My friend recently posted this on her blog:

5. I've never seen any of the Back to the Future movies, Harry Potter movies, Lord of the Rings movies, Narnia movies, Star Trek movies (or shows), Indiana Jones movies, Matrix movies, Jurassic Park movies or Pirates of the Caribbean movies, nor do I have any inclining of a bit of desire to see them. My friend J might disassociate herself from me for that, but it is true.

I am the friend J that might disassociate and I'm here to say I shall not. I myself have never seen the Harry Potter films (or read the books), I could care less about the Pirates movies, have only seen the Star Trek movie with humpback whales in it (though am actually really excited about the new one. Call it the J.J. factor), hadn't seen the Indy movies until high school, read the Narnia books until right before the first movie came out, never read the Lord of the Rings books (but did find myself a willing participant in the awesomeness that was Trilogy Tuesday), and I only own the Matrix on VHS. But the one that hurts is Back to the Future. That's my true all time favorite/comfort trilogy. I love me some Star Wars...but sometimes you just need a little McFly (p.s. we're almost 6 years away from 2015...where's my hover board?!)

  • I'm ashamed of myself as a baseball fan. It completely slipped my mind that the game was on last night. Granted, it was called on account of rain but still. I should have been watching.
  • I watched an all day West Wing marathon yesterday. How I miss that was season 3, a real good one. And it got me thinking about a post I did on xanga many moons ago about movie presidents. I still think Bill Pullman in ID4 is the coolest, with a Russian ass-kicking Harrison Ford in a close second, and Kevin Kline in Dave a ultra close third. But TV wise, it's tough to chose between President Bartlett and President Palmer. I still am campaigning for Tom Hanks to play a movie President. Someday my dream will come true.

Friday, October 24, 2008



Thursday, October 23, 2008

Popped Culture: Music Edition

  • Beyonce apparently learned nothing from the great Garth Brooks. Have you heard she's launching an "alternative personality" named Sasha Fierce. She's the personality that comes to life when Beyonce performs. Riiiiiiight. I'm sure she's no Chris Gains but I am sure this is just ridiculous. And I don't actually care much about Beyonce. Although her new song "If I were a Boy" has grown on me (though again, if she were a boy? Is Beyonce (Mrs. Jay - Z) really that unhappy as herself?)
  • Oh JT. Are you for real? Have you heard he's retiring SexyBack? The song is a groovy good time that again grew on me. The title is a catchphrase that is kinda still relevant. I mean we all know what you're talking about when you say you're bringing sexy back (it's already been broughten. Oh what! sorry, that was lame) I actually wonder though, what does it mean to retire a song? I mean, I know that the song has surely made enough money to retire to Florida and live a happy life but is that what it does? What if it decides retirement is boring? Will it come back and REALLY bring SexyBack?
  • I could care less about the new Guns and Roses album. But what is awesome is the fact that Dr Pepper offered free DP to EVERYONE in the band got its act together and actually finished the album this year. They actually did. Whether the DP challenge is what made it happen or not, still brilliant on the DP. Now, I get a free Dr Pepper. yum.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So, I was looking something up on and one of the random definitions it had was for DUDE. and it was one of the greatest and also most true things I have ever read.

DUDE = basically the pop culture equivalent of a comma.

Seriously dude how totally true is that?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"the ultimate present"

Today we got a catalog in the mail "Wine Country Gift Baskets" and it brought a smile to my face as I was reminded of this moment:

Michael: Ryan wants everything in our company to be about emails and ims, but I think he is forgetting about the original instant message…letters attached to baskets of food.


Michael: In the last year we have lost seven clients to the big chains. These gift baskets are a ticket back into their lives. We’re going to show up at these businesses unannounced and we are going to win them back.
Ryan: With gift baskets.
Michael: With peanut brittle. With macadamia nut cookies. With chocolate turtles. With raspberry jam and a little bit of fat and salt. Because you know what? That’s what people like.


Michael: Gift baskets are amazing Phyllis. Gift baskets are the essence of class and fanciness. They are the ultimate present that a person can receive.
Andy: What about cash? With cash you can buy whatever you want, including a gift basket. So, it’s kind of the best gift ever.
Jim: What about a gift basket full of cash?
Andy: Yes! Cash basket!

and in case you were wondering, gift baskets are surprisingly well priced. Who knew. I'd totally accept a gift basket...I'm just saying.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

"ouch, that hurts the soul" vol. I

To steal from's popwatch blog "Things that make me want to die inside" I present my own "Ouch, That's Hurts the Soul" posts. Here's a way to start it off.

I just read this on TV

"ABC FAMILY to bring 10 Things to the Small Screen"

Terrible. Absolutely wrong. And I thought the Miley Cyrus "7 Things" song was bad enough.

No One Can Top This. I miss Heath.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I just looked at the calendar and noticed the date: October 8. And do you know what thought crossed my mind?

"Hey, it's Matt Damon's birthday!"

And then I remembered what a loser I am...or more appropriately...what a loser I was in my late teens to have memorized such a thing. But lord knows I still love this guy.

Oh the blessings of the celebrity crush.
Happy Birthday Matt Damon

oh christmas tree oh christmas tree

Well, according to Target, it's been Christmas for a couple weeks now but today I got to create a flier at work to send to companies about having their holiday parties here. And I got to google image search a Christmas Tree. In October. With a jar of Halloween candy on my desk. Just strange how quick this year is flying by.

Just for a little taste of how I spend my time at work using Publisher, here's the finished product.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekly TV Round Up (little late)

Well, last week was a shortened TV Week thanks to the V.P. Debate. The debate was pretty good...I only got to see the end but both seemed to hold their own...but I was a little peeved to get my shows back for one week and then get denied a new episode for 2 weeks. Seriously, why not just wait to premiere until after the debate? But I digress.


  • HIMYM has really hit the ground running this season. I was worried about the gimmicky-ness the Regis Philbin guest star would offer but there was no need to worry. It fit in perfectly in the absurd world. And how amazing was the spoof "Fifty Million Dollar Heads or Tails" and the fact that jobless Marshall was watching. Underpants ratio=brilliant. One should watch this show simply for the sheer amount of awesomeness that is coined in each catch phrase. True Story.
  • OTH went all slasher movie at the end there. I mean seriously, there are not corn fields all over the Carolinas. But the beauty of Deb smashing psycho nanny in the head with the "no more dan" victory bottle of champagne was was dan actually finishing the job. They actually unknowingly worked together to help their family. And Nathan's dream of playing basketball got his hopes up and then crashing back down after being offered the coaching job instead. The GM of the team? The racist best friend of Gerry Bertere on Remember the Titans. Hard to believe it's been 8 years since that movie...
  • Heroes. Lots of potential. Looking forward to where we are being taken this season.


  • Fringe was great. Pacey is in for real now. I should really start referring to him as his new character name I suppose... But anyway, I am just loving all the different relationship dynamics...and the awesome F/X. Fantastic.


  • Bones+Office=good TV. Interesting twists for sure and as my friend put it: "I'll never look at my stapler the same" And I'm actually starting to like Cam and Sweets as characters.


  • The only new show was Ugly Betty and I thought it was one of the best episodes they've had in a very long time. for realz. Betty kicking a puppy. Amanda singing Marc a lullaby as Betty took his job. Good times all around. Good to see it getting back to season one glory.


  • SNL. It had really gone downhill the last few years. I watched the season opener (Michael Phelps hosting...obviously I am in) and got a few chuckles from the Palin/Clinton cold open and the Phelps diet but besides Caught a little bit last week. This week, I missed the first 20 minutes but recorded the rest and surprise! Found myself laughing. A lot. Especially at the Mary Poppins bit. Supercalifr....will never be heard the same :) And good ol Weekend Update. I wonder, who's taking Amy's spot when she goes on maternity leave? Will Seth go the old skool route of solo anchor a la Chevy or Norm? Or will we get a whole new team? I still worry about the whole cast in general without Amy Poelher...she's still in like every sketch and makes everything funnier. Who's stepping up when that baby pops out?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

only in the valley

Heard today on my way to work. Note: Heard on multiple radio stations' traffic report.

"motorcycle vs. farm tractor collision"

in case you were wondering, there were injuries. only in the valley

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

old skool skillz

I was going through my storage unit and came across a box full of good ol VHS tapes. Among the treasures were a tape full of Series Finales (Full House, Boy Meets World, Dawson's Creek, etc)...episodes of Friends...Mel Gibson's 20/20 interview before Passion of the Christ...the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn that we went to the taping for where Dave Grohl ran through the audience and touched my hand and you can hear me, Becca Wemple, and Ryan McCray yelling "We love you Dave" and we discovered you could hear us on the version that made its way to Napster (like I said, old skool)...and others.

The gold amongst the treasures? Videos I had edited in college. One, was for Small Group Leadership in which I got Murr-Dogg to do a Pert Plus commercial. I'm still a legend for pulling that one off. The second, my awesome 3 minute video on procrastination set to dc Talk's "time is ticking away" Word. I rewatched. I smiled. If I knew how to put the VHS to this site, I would. But I was only TV Film for 2 years...probably better I made the Comm Studies switch...especially as evidenced by my skillz of editing.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekly TV Roundup

I meant to start this last week, but I'm a slacker. Plus, at the end of the week, no whining about spoilers. So here we go...

My Week in TV

MONDAY---The level of excitement for returning shows was quite high, as were expectations. And let me tell you, my shows delivered.
  • How I Met Your Mother continues to be one of the greatest shows on television. My friendship with Briana Moore is on hold until she watches the episode "Do I Know You?" and if you are a Star Wars nerd like some people I know, my friendship with you is on hold until you watch it too. Also, it's possible to catch feelings, even if you use protection. That's an important lesson learned thanks to Barney. Watch it people!
  • Big Bang Theory...just started watching last season. It's fun...and funny. Not must-see tv but a good time in a land with too few sitcoms. Check it out.
  • Let me put it this way, I was still on a Heroes high Tuesday morning. It is defintely on its way back to good. Mohinder has been so hungry for superpowers that I think it could be very interesting to see where it takes him...I hope so anyways because some of it just came out of left field. But future Ando and Hiro!! And future Peter (which I actually called as the shooter). Have these guys never watched Back to the Future?! Or even Bill and Ted' just don't mess with the Space Time Continuum (another reference to the HIMYM episode, actually) But overall, really glad to have it back and explore the dark side.
  • Not a season premere but One Tree Hill still has become one of the best written shows on tv. It's my guilty pleasure that is now guilt-free. Though I am ready for a little more humor and a little less psycho nanny.


  • Fringe. I am enjoying it so far. I'm not a sci-fi junkie by any means and I never watched X Files or have gotten fully hooked on Lost but it's got enough Alias-J.J. in it that I can appreciate it. Plus, Pacey/Charlie. Enough said. And the dad is hilarious. Let's make some LSD. Seriously? Excited to see where it goes.


  • BONES. Oh how I love a girl who was raised on the sexual tension of Moonlighting and more hour-long crime/medical/mystery shows than you could throw a stick's everything I love in a show. Smart, funny, rewards long-time viewers, true to life and ridiculous at the same time. I have mixed feelings on the Zach situation. Of course he could figure it out and that everyone loves him, but really, taking him out to pie at the diner? I don't know. But, it's been great so far this year and shall get better I am sure (Booth's brother is coming to visit. that shall = awesome, no doubt about it)

THURSDAY---Oh Thursday. It's been my TV night for as long as I can remember, thank you Must See TV. And this season it tis once again.

  • Ugly Betty. I was hooked first season. Got over it a bit last season...missed the fun. This season, I don't know. The whole Meade family dinner with Daniel's french son (where did that come from?! I don't think I like it) And Daniel's sweatsuits at his new magazine? I don't know. So far, bleh.
  • GREY'S IS BACK! and I don't mean, hey, the new season started, it's back. I mean, the sassy/sad ratio is back to perfection. The good Grey's is back. and it was G-double O-D good. My actual favorite storyline from Friday was McSteamy and Lexie. Loved the wisdom coming from McSteamy of all people(can't refer to him as Sloan...too many Alias memories). And yeah, it was just good.
  • So, last season, as much as I love The Office, by the end of all the one-hour episodes I defintely was beginning to think that a half hour was the perfect amount of Office. But the season premiere used every minute for pure comedic gold. Seriously. Nothing could have been cut out. Nor should have been. Holly putting her foot in her mouth about Kevin being mentally slow...Dwight and Angela's love beeper (and what was with the boombox?)...Ryan back...Pam doing the talking head interview on video chat...Michael in the fat suit with his fat pictures actually making Kelly feel good about herself (question. sure, the fat suit was his sumo suit not blown up all the way..but where did he get his actual suit? It was much bigger than his)...and the rest stop in the rain. Oh my...twas fantastic!
  • ER has been a part of my life for over half of my life. I've watched since the beginning. I used to do my vocab during the commercials whilst in high school. It always delivers. And this week it did again. I hadn't even watched last season's finale and I was still bawling. ER just knows how to be great. Great become emotionally attached. When one passes you feel it, and they do a fine job of offering continuity for us long time loyal watchers. Excited and saddened for the final season.

Monday, September 22, 2008

random rambles from the weekend

  • PTL-it is fall officially! I love me some autumn time. I used my heater in my car for the first time on Saturday night (my A/C doesn't work but my heater is a stallion!)

  • Speaking of my car...Tomas de la Cruz just passed into the 200,000 mile club. Appropriately, it was on a trip to visit a dear friend from the VUSC whom got to participate in the picture taking cermony in Fres-hole.

  • Speaking of a dear friend from the VUSC, I got to hang out with Bri this weekend! It wasn't for a huge amount of time, but it was worth the drive for sure :)

  • Speaking of a dear friend from the VUSC, I ended up driving up to Sacramento and seeing Gmar & Jamal on the same day I left Oakhurst. We went and saw The Dark Knight on the IMAX and it was absolutely AMAZING!!!! Third time seeing the movie, first IMAX. Seriously, if you can, you should. You really do feel like you are on top of the buildlings with Batman.

  • Speaking of Batman (and its utter awesomeness), I figured something out while watching it this time. Remember the Snickers commercial from back in the day...the one where the guy says "I am Batman!" I used to quote it on end...hadn't really put together that it was actually from the comic and thus real. Though I suppose it's also along the "I am Spartacus" line...

  • Speaking of "I am Spartacus", the film That Thing You Do! is one of those I could watch over and over.

  • Speaking of That Thing You Do! , good to see Tom Hanks last night at the Emmys, bad hair/glasses and all. I still adamantly believe that he should be our next President in a film.

  • Speaking of the Emmys, I really enjoyed them this year...besides the painfully real awkwardness of the opening bit. Add that with Oprah and I thought it equal a terrible evening, but it redeemed itself for the most part. If anything, the combination of two paper company regional managers redeemed the whole thing. I literally laughed til I cried with Ricky Gervais and Steve Carrell (who never said a single word and never broke face. Dear Lord, that's talent!)

  • Speaking of Steve Carrell, The Office is BACK! along with HIMYM, Heroes, and a little show I like to call Greys. It's a full week, but this whole DVR thing is rockin'

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

nerdy smirk

So, I am a nerd in many aspects...paricularly when it comes to research. Thus I love to be a part of research surveys. One that I am involved in is the MLB FansAtBat. The surveys have been about all different aspects of baseball, broadcasting, marketing, etc. Today's survey asked just 4 questions:

1. Who do you think will win the ALCS? Angels
2. Who do you think will win the NLCS? Cubs
3. If the Cubs and White Sox were to meet in the World Series, what would you call it? The Midwest Classic (I am not clever when it comes to Chicago)
...and here's where my smirk comes into effect...
4. If the Angels and Dodgers were to meet in the World Series, what would you call it?
Ü smirk Ü

Monday, September 15, 2008

2 Things...

So, I am looking forward to November more than normal this year. I mean, there's the usual joy of fall turning to winter, Thanksgiving, getting to wear sweaters, etc. But this year, I get to add 2 more things to my list....

Thing 1:

Oh, nothing too big, just a little thing I like to call Bond 22!!!! Quantum of Solace, baby!!!! True, the release date got bumped back a week and I had to re-enter it in my calendar but I trust it'll be worth the wait. November 14th, my friends. Mark it down. Until then...

hmmm....let the lust-fest begin....I mean...

Thing 2: There was a certain show that I got hooked on this year for the first time. I may have totally predicted the winner from his audition on. I may miss hearing him sing every week (I definitely don't listen to Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" the same way anymore). But, soon I can listen to him sing every stinkin' day. That's right, David Cook has got himself a release date. The album is gonna drop on November 18 and I'm gonna drop some dinero that day, no doubt about it.
a sad side note: when I updated my iPhone recently I did so on a computer that was not the one I originally had my itunes account on, and I lost my music from my iPhone...including my 3 David Cook songs (yes, I was that person...but at least they were 3 good ones-Always Be My Baby, Where the Streets Have No Name, and Time of My Life)
Come on November! (Though it's already halfway through the crap did that happen?!?!)

Friday, September 12, 2008


So, "corporate" recently underwent a server change thus changing some things about our website. I went to put up some photos from our big event we had last week and made a little discovery. We had different albums like "Impossible Open" "Ladies Club" "New Year's Eve" etc. and down at the bottom of the page was an album with pictures from Titleist Demo Day last year entitled:

"Titleist Golfers."

Well, in the change, they somehow forgot to include
"-leist" in the album name.

Needless to say after showing it off to the rest of the office I changed it. As my boss put it, it's a good thing the pictures didn't match the title otherwise we'd be looking for new jobs. Or getting a whole different clientele. I don't direct THAT kind of fun.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

the office/space

I had a moment today that was straight out of a combination of The Office and Office Space. Actually more than a was most of my day. We spent like a thousand bucks to get a new fancy color laser printer and no one cared to mention it to us that HP printers will only work "optimally" with certain paper. So I am pretty sure I wasted over half of a reem of cardstock and then chatted with a HP specialist to discover that the paper we were using was twice as heavy as it should be, thus jamming EVERYTIME I attempted to print (after working perfectly for the first week). I truly wanted to take a baseball bat to it. And for the past couple weeks I've been identifying with an unexpected member of The Office staff-Michael Scott. Not in the horribly inappropriate comments-agonizing to watch way, but in the having to deal with corporate way. Who knew being a Director of Fun came with office politics and the desire to destroy company property?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

and then....

The Nuts season is over. Though the Nut season is just beginning with harvest. Weird. Even weirder, the fact that I now only have one job. I really don't know what I am going to do with all my time in the evenings. It's always bittersweet for the season to end when you are working. As a fan, I never want it to end. But as an employee, one can only handle so many long extra-inning games, only so many stands packed with teeny bopper cheerleaders and their families running around and yelling "Everywhere we go...people wanna know...", only so many games with horrendous umpiring calls (and also getting teased for a friendship with an ump with an accent), only so many games where it's 100 degrees and I'm stuck wearing a polyester jersey, khaki shorts, with socks and shoes on my feet. But at the same time, I can't imagine spending my summer any other way now. What would my life be like if I didn't get paid to hang out at a ballpark? It's great. And I really do love all the fan interaction. Great stories. Here's one:
The littlest Orr kid was hanging out on the concourse by the Applegate Johnston Guest Service Counter, being his rambuncous-self. He proceeded to steal a pile of baseball cards that were sitting on the counter. Teacher Jen came out and asked him to give them back since they were not his cards. He pouted while he returned them. Then Terry the Beast who was in charge of the Applegate Johnston Guest Service Counter and owner of the baseball cards (courtesty of the Nestle Drumstick Summer Baseball Tour) said he could have them. Teacher Jen again returned to say the Orr kid could have the cards if he promised to no longer beat up/be mean to Nancy THE Promo Girl. The littlest Orr kid agreed and took his treasure of baseball cards back to his seat. I followed shortly to hang out and catch the end of the game with Nancy. As we are standing there watching the end of the game, the littlest Orr kid suddenly appeared, put the pile of baseball cards in front of me and said "I'd rather hit Nancy."
Absolutely classic. There were plenty of gems throughout the season. Many a good play made on the field. Many a bad play made on the field (the Nuts had a knack for getting thrown out at home plate. If memory serves, it happened like 4 times in a row. and again in the playoffs. Though they also couldn't turn a double play in the playoffs but I digress). Many a good time chilling in the press box (and yelling at a production crew member to pull up his pants, no one wants to see his chones). Many a Play Ball kid getting coached by me and J.W. Many a time I wished for another brawl like the extreme one we had with the Ports--during dollar beer inning. Many a microphone drop (actually only 8 on the year...pretty good considering girl pants don't have pockets like boy pants). Many a good time showing up late but making amends with bags of jenny smith cookies (new favorite quote regarding my cookies: "I don't think it's possible to love anything as much as we love your cookies"- the Beast). Many a Nut joke. Many a free snow cone.
And playoff game at JTF, one game up at Stockton as a fan and then my season was done. I didn't get to go the series finale as I was directing the fun at my real job. But that was it. Suddenly, the season was over. And is over. Who knows if they'll ask me back next year and if I would say yes if they did (right now, yes) but it was a blast. Now back to civilian life as a baseball fan (I WILL see Lincecum pitch before this season is over. I WILL!) and Director of Fun. It's a hard life but someone's got to do it.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

livin' la vida loca

it's been awhile since i've posted anything here but well, it's been a crazy life...particularly this past week.

I started my new job. That's right, I am the Director of Fun for Stevinson Ranch Golf Club. Is there a cooler job title out there? I highly doubt it. And though I still don't fully know what I'm doing or what my job really entails, I'm lovin' it. I really can't complain. I'm living the life. I hang out at a golf course all day then hang out at a ball park all night and get paid for both. Multiple people are jealous of me and some don't even know it. But this week I averaged about 5 hours of sleep a night. I apparently am not as young as I used to be. Though, I never did well with 4-6 hours of sleep. I owned life when I got 0-3 hours. I freakin' rocked. oh well, I suppose that's what happens with age...though I really thought it was supposed to be the opposite. hmm..

top film of the summer so far=Ironman.
Indy was a good fun time but definitely not the best movie of the summer. Sex & the City was pretty good, way more emotional than I thought it would be. Prince Caspian was good and led me to have an inappropriate crush on Edmond. I think I'm over it now. Incredible Hulk was surprisingly really well done. I fully enjoyed it. Ed Norton is great.
Movies I'm still super stoked to see: Get Smart, Wanted, Hancock, and of course The Dark Knight.
Movies that look super lame sauce: the Love Guru. oh Mike Myers. Where's the genius behind Philip the Hyper-Hypo and So I Married an Axe Murderer?

also, I'd like to point out that thus far, my predictions have been right on. David Cook rocked his way to the title. The Giants are tied for 3rd in the NL West. go me.

and....i downloaded dr. mario on my wii. it's amazing. sadly, just the sound of the chill music brings me back. and the ability to play friends from all over is pretty freakin' awesome. though my skillz are not up to my 2004 BH 304 Dr. Mario Tournament Champion standards. too much work, not enough play. But if you have a wii, we should become wii friends and I officially challenge you in dr. mario and mario kart.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


  • driving to the city yesterday i learned that this is Teen Driving Safety Week in our glorious state of California. what does that mean? really?
  • i don't know if i have a happier place than the ballpark in san francisco. win or lose, my heart is filled with joy just walking in. though i could have done without the loss. if i'm bruce bochy, i'm making the fellas come in early and do some fundamental fielding drills today. but let's hope zito can turn this around and be the pitcher we paid for ( i say we, i had zero dollars actually invested, but you know what i mean)
  • juno came out today and i had the great debate about which one to buy: standard widescreen or the fancy one with a digital copy. i went digital copy, only to discover today that in order to download the digital copy onto my itunes i need a dvd drive on my computer, which i don't have. dear lord: please help to to get a real good paying job so i can have a macbook pro. amen.
  • i want to marry david cook and have a million babies. not actually because i am not a psycho stalker in anyway but his version and overall performance of mariah's always be my baby was that amazing. Overall, i was pleasantly surprised with mariah night. i was really worried beforehand because i love me some mariah carey (though my mom's repeat playings of the merry christmas cd did ruin it for me a little) and none of the singers are up to the mariah goodness. but the guys rocked it and even the girls each made it their own (besides syesha who just wants to be mariah). but the night did find me wanting to go to sleep listening to my music box cd.
  • there really is something about keanu reeves that i can't put my finger on but i love and will watch in almost anything. i just went through EW's 24 keanu roles and was reminded of that.
  • peanut butter and honey is a tasty treat.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

GO Nuts! *game 1 @ john thurman field*

Last night was the first official home game for the Nuts. And it was a doozy! In fitting with my luck over the years, it was a 3+ hour game. I swear I have the worst luck, always long and/or extra inning games. But last night's game was worth every minute!

Modesto was down 4-1 for pretty much the whole game. It was a long game and it was a chilly spring night. Most of fans stayed into it for most of the game, though by the time we got to the amazing ending less than half the sellout crowd was still around. Those that stuck around got a super show. Let's just say that yours truly suggested to an intern that he turn his hat into a rally cap and BAM! victory for the nuts. In the midst of the rally was one of the farthest hit homeruns I've ever seen at John Thurman Field. Then the first position player to play for the Modesto Nuts who was also from Modesto got an RBI to tie it up (when I started to pray-to myself, since one never mentions it out loud- that we wouldn't go into extras) when was then followed by San Jose intentionally walking the next batter to load the bases and then came the hit to left that sent EVERYONE leaping in the air and high fiving strangers. And the Nuts celebrated in the middle of the field as if they had just won the World Series.

And that is the beauty of this wonderful game of baseball. It's not over until you get those 9 innings. And ANYTHING can happen.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

baseball season 08 - week 1

well, apparently the tigers are not so much the real deal thus far. but that is in fact part of the beauty of baseball.

plus, the giants actually have more wins..though it's technically one more win. but another win none the less.

and i am still bummed that i don't get to use my tickets to opening night

Monday, March 31, 2008

opening day 08-play ball!

it's the first day of the season (not counting the japan games. or apparently last night's first sunday night baseball game-which i'll talk about as well) and i've decided to do a "live-blog" of sorts. i've already watched the tigers opening day game and it's now the top of the 3rd in the Giants-Dodgers game. but i've got some thoughts, and i'm sure to have more.

nats-braves sunday night baseball game:
  • i love jon miller. joe morgan i can live without.
  • the president race is a hoot.
  • g.w. can't pitch worth beans, has had issues as president, but is stellar as a baseball commentator. seriously. i could listen to him 162 games a year.
  • that's how a game should end. you can't script it better.
tigers-royals game:
  • verlander is the real deal. do not be confused.
  • the lineup is as scary as predicted.
  • may be scary, but ya can't leave as many men on base and just expect magic to happen.
  • who is the bullpen? honestly?
  • clete thomas was a lakeland tiger while i was there. kinda cool to see him get a hit in his first major league at-bat.
  • i love that it went to extras. would have rather seen verlander keep up the 1-hitter but a battle is good too.

giants-dodgers game:

  • first thing i thought this morning: beat la.
  • knbr is on in my car. j.t. snow is broadcasting now. does it get better?
  • for the 2nd year in a row i didn't have to work on opening day. so i'm dressed in my giants gear, i had hot dogs for lunch, and i'm flipping between games. life is good.
  • fox sports net bay area became comcast sports net at some point in the off season. it sucks. i swear their graphics are from 1996. i feel like i am watching broadcast network tv from the midwest, not a HD channel.
  • it's the 50th anniversary of west coast baseball and both the giants and dodgers are celebrating. as they should. i'm really glad the move west happened, though i would enjoy seeing us win a world series while we're here. and i love this rivalry.
  • i miss going to games at dodger stadium. only $7 tickets. getting trash-talked by a 7 year old and a grandpa within 20 minutes of each other. it really is good times.
  • i'm calling the giants to finish 3rd or better in the west. call me an extreme optimist. i'm hoping and praying for a return of some gamers a la will the thrill, matt williams, and robby thompson. humm baby, gotta love the kids, right? let's see the next generation boys!
  • duane kuiper made a lame barry bonds joke to open the broadcast. ugh.
  • i honestly don't understand why you would start barry zito opening day. his record opening day is horrible. sure, we're paying him the big bucks, but can you honestly tell me that matt cain has not earned the right to be the opening day starter?
  • kruk and kuip were just talking dodger dogs and how many they thought they could eat. reminded me of one of my super random life goals which is to eat a yard of dodger dog.
  • i really can't stand the girl corresponents that broadcasts have now. they really ask such stupid questions and i just don't think there's any point in them being there. and i say this as a female who is trying to break into the baseball industry.
  • vin scully can never die.
  • jeff kent can. i hate that guy.
  • already down 4-0 only top 4. it truly shall be a long season.
  • the new giants ad campaign isn't bad. i like the "what would a gamer do?" thing. and matt cain, funny kid.
  • brian bocock has been with san jose so i got to see him. and kid just made a sweet play over at short. the future starts now, let's get some runs now.
  • they just talked about the awesomeness that is going to be opening night. i have tickets. i have to work. jenny=bummed.
  • 7th inning streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch
  • pickled bocock! will we ever score a run? i think its time for the rally cap.
  • and there's your ball game.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

why am i hooked?

so, i never in my wildest dreams thought i'd ever be watching american idol religiously, but that is in fact what my tuesday nights have become. this is the first season that i've watched from the auditions on. i got hooked around country week last year....when jordin sparks just blew everyone out of the water on a martina mcbride song. i remember getting goosebumps.

but this season. i kinda wish i had placed a bet with someone in the beginning because i have thought david cook was amazing since his audition. i just wanna go bowling with him, you know? boy has got skillz and i hope he wins, though in saying that i've probably just doomed him since nobody i cheer for ever seems to win it all (though i had picked jordin after the aforementioned martina number so maybe i'm only lucky in american idol).

my female pick is carly. and not just because she's got smith in her last name :) the lady can sing, but she really makes interesting choices in wardrobe.

and if michael johns makes the top 5 he owes it all to queen.

Monday, March 24, 2008

veer a la pelicula....

tonight, i watched casino royale again. i looooooove this film. always been a big fan of the bond. always enjoyed the intensely awesome openings, and this one is top-notch. seriously....don't know how they did it, don't care, i just enjoy it to no end. i swear that guy that bond is chasing through the construction site is a puma.
as i was watching, i realized that the next one is coming out soon. bond 22. though i believe it's actual name is quantum of solace. but i think i'm gonna stick with bond 22 for a while. anyways, i looked it up and it hits theaters november 7. and thus it got put into my calender. along with a few other highly important movie dates this year:
april 4--Leatherheads (clooney and jim from the office. doesn't get much better, i hope)
may 16--Prince Caspian
may 22--INDIANA JONES !!!!!!!! (really, the excitement level is about as high as you can get...though coming in neck and neck is......)
july 18--The Dark Knight (nolan directing christian bale again, katie holmes gone, and heath ledger as joker. i don't even know where to begin with my giddiness)

surely there are more that i am forgetting but those are the MAJOR ones to look forward to.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

vampire? i think not. superhero? maybe.

my buddy and i started this little tradition. we refer to it as life-saving, because really, it is. we go get lunch then go give blood. it's good times for sure. especially now since you earn points for donating and then get to pick your own reward for your heroic-ness. it's all quite exciting, no doubt about it. no more none-used marie callendar's pie coupons. and i still have 2 coupons for a pint of baskin-robbins ice cream from giving blood a looooong time ago.
anyways, we went and got taco bell then headed over to the blood bank as usual. joked about how many points we've got and under no circumstances did we joke about having HIV. we did that once and learned it is not a joking matter (unless of course you are the creators of south park). anyways, he went in first and got through the questioning while i waited and played bejeweled on the iphone. then i got the call. and then i got denied. too low of iron. it was a bummer because not only did i not get to give, but now i was even further behind my buddy who had just received his one gallon donor license plate holder. the jealousy was raging (not that it's all a competition or anything. just trying to save some lives. but i do want me a gallon!). but on the plus side of the afternoon, the nurse lady told me i needed to eat a lot of carl's jr. and in-n-out, which is never a bad thing to have to do. plus, i had one of my best games of bejeweled EVER! even better than some random nights in the computer lab in college. also, i was told that i could come back again and try next week.
and come back i did. and my iron went down another point. but i was told to come back and try again next week.
and come back i did. and my iron went down another point. kinda troubling but i got the advice to eat more meat (which is not a problem for me, though that makes me curious as to why my iron was so low anyway). but i was told to come back and try again next week.
and come back i did. and my iron went up 2 points but was still a point below what they could accept. though they did appreciate my tenacity and courage to keep attempting. but i was told to come back and try again next week.
and come back i did. and sweet lord almighty i was good to give again! the receptionist made a comment about my stockpile of donor points i had going on. so i went to check it out and i really did have a crapload of points. apparently you get points every time you come whether your blood is accepted or not. i really don't do it for the points but i am getting free movie passes out of the deal. it'll be fitting when i use a movie pass paid with my blood to go see a superhero movie this summer.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

it's here

The sun is shining, the trees are blossoming, and my radio is turned to KNBR. That can only mean one thing: spring training is here. Which in turn means that baseball is back, baby!

I've been feeling it lately- scoping out everyday, going through the Giants schedule to see what games I need to go to and what amazing promos they are doing for the 50th anniversary of moving west, and clicking over to AM radio to see if there's any baseball talk yet. And yesterday on my way home from work, there it was. Jon Miller's voice on KNBR. There's just something so right and good about it. You hear it, and instantly, feel like you're home. Ironically, I feel the same way about Vin Scully's voice. Now, don't be confused, I am a die-hard, life-long Giants fan but it's Vin Scully. His voice IS baseball-why else do you think he was one of the commentators in the movie For Love of the Game? It was an American League game between the Yankees and the Tigers, there was no way that the Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster would have been working the game. Honestly. But it's Hollywood and his voice IS baseball. But I digress.

All that to say, hello spring training. I greet baseball's return with open arms.