Wednesday, April 16, 2008


  • driving to the city yesterday i learned that this is Teen Driving Safety Week in our glorious state of California. what does that mean? really?
  • i don't know if i have a happier place than the ballpark in san francisco. win or lose, my heart is filled with joy just walking in. though i could have done without the loss. if i'm bruce bochy, i'm making the fellas come in early and do some fundamental fielding drills today. but let's hope zito can turn this around and be the pitcher we paid for ( i say we, i had zero dollars actually invested, but you know what i mean)
  • juno came out today and i had the great debate about which one to buy: standard widescreen or the fancy one with a digital copy. i went digital copy, only to discover today that in order to download the digital copy onto my itunes i need a dvd drive on my computer, which i don't have. dear lord: please help to to get a real good paying job so i can have a macbook pro. amen.
  • i want to marry david cook and have a million babies. not actually because i am not a psycho stalker in anyway but his version and overall performance of mariah's always be my baby was that amazing. Overall, i was pleasantly surprised with mariah night. i was really worried beforehand because i love me some mariah carey (though my mom's repeat playings of the merry christmas cd did ruin it for me a little) and none of the singers are up to the mariah goodness. but the guys rocked it and even the girls each made it their own (besides syesha who just wants to be mariah). but the night did find me wanting to go to sleep listening to my music box cd.
  • there really is something about keanu reeves that i can't put my finger on but i love and will watch in almost anything. i just went through EW's 24 keanu roles and was reminded of that.
  • peanut butter and honey is a tasty treat.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

GO Nuts! *game 1 @ john thurman field*

Last night was the first official home game for the Nuts. And it was a doozy! In fitting with my luck over the years, it was a 3+ hour game. I swear I have the worst luck, always long and/or extra inning games. But last night's game was worth every minute!

Modesto was down 4-1 for pretty much the whole game. It was a long game and it was a chilly spring night. Most of fans stayed into it for most of the game, though by the time we got to the amazing ending less than half the sellout crowd was still around. Those that stuck around got a super show. Let's just say that yours truly suggested to an intern that he turn his hat into a rally cap and BAM! victory for the nuts. In the midst of the rally was one of the farthest hit homeruns I've ever seen at John Thurman Field. Then the first position player to play for the Modesto Nuts who was also from Modesto got an RBI to tie it up (when I started to pray-to myself, since one never mentions it out loud- that we wouldn't go into extras) when was then followed by San Jose intentionally walking the next batter to load the bases and then came the hit to left that sent EVERYONE leaping in the air and high fiving strangers. And the Nuts celebrated in the middle of the field as if they had just won the World Series.

And that is the beauty of this wonderful game of baseball. It's not over until you get those 9 innings. And ANYTHING can happen.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

baseball season 08 - week 1

well, apparently the tigers are not so much the real deal thus far. but that is in fact part of the beauty of baseball.

plus, the giants actually have more wins..though it's technically one more win. but another win none the less.

and i am still bummed that i don't get to use my tickets to opening night