Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Back!!

I watched a leaf fall from a tree yesterday.
I walked out of my door this morning and was smacked in the face by the gloriousness of Fall. And I couldn't be happier.
No more baking while driving in my un-airconditioned Jeep.
Jeans, scarves, and sweaters get to start sneaking their way back into my wardrobe.
Giants baseball is winding down for the season (that I'm not happy about, but that's another time).
Soon I'll get to snuggle up in a blanket (though not a Snuggie. Saw it at Costco and determined that I'd never purchase one. But if someone bought one for me for Christmas, I'd probably use it)
I can use my heater.
My beverage of choice will be Apple Cider (until I can find the tasty wonder that is Wasil)
All I can say is...It's About Time.
Welcome Back Fall. I embrace you wholeheartedly!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Return to Normalcy

I don't know what it is...16 years of school schedules...rotation of the earth...baseball winding down...but whatever it is, September seems to be when life goes back to normal. Don't get me wrong, summer is fantastic. Even when you are employed, there is just something different about summer life. But, maybe I'm more a creature of routine than I thought I was.

I'm pumped this week. This week, normal life returns with it's ordinary wonderfulness.

Last night, my bible study group started back up. It truly is a community, which is as rare as the Loch Ness Monster (or Ryan Garko) these days. But it does exist. And it's fabulous. We meet. We eat. (which will be potluck-style this year! Absolutely I am bringing Jell-O next week) We read. We discuss. We pray. It is simple and it is good.
And after bible study, I go play volleyball for 3+ hours. We've been up and down in our numbers but after about 7 years we've still got a good group. It's certainly changed through the years. Lots of people coming and going, one marriage, and its been equal parts trash-talking and endless support. A rarity to say the least. But it's a group that I love. We are a family as well. Basically, normalcy is exhaustion and soreness on Thursday morning. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

And this week, television begins it's fall return. Tonight: Bones (!), Fringe (which found itself the last half of the season and ended with a barrage of twists, turns, and jaw-dropping awesomeness. You should be watching. That's all I am saying), The Office (hooray!), and I already watched Community's first episode that is airing tonight. And it's entertaining. But the joys and tragedies of DVR and Thursday nights. Once Grey's returns next week (and based on my reaction every time I've seen the promo for the season premiere, I'll be an emotional wreck) the great debate on what to watch live/DVR and what gets to be watched online. I think NBC comedies are going to get the online treatment. Thanks to whoever's internet I'm borrowing in my apartment complex!

Life is back to normal. And I'm a big fan of that. Ü

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things I Miss...

  • Back-to-School shopping. I love school supplies.
  • Spectre.
  • Extra Money.
  • Traveling.
  • Going shooting. Both shotgun and bow & arrow.
  • Card catalogs.
  • Writing in cursive.
  • NYC.
  • Having a Fridge with Built-in Ice Maker
  • Telephones with cords
  • Life before the internet
  • Having phone numbers memorized
  • Getting fancied up
  • Brown Duckie
  • Eating Meals with 50+ minor league ballplayers
  • The Beach
  • Newport Beach Public Library
  • Running Around Lake Hollingsworth
  • Tailgating at Candlestick
  • Life before Twitter existed
  • The Bethel Bazaar
  • Rock-n-Bowling
  • John Cheng Cookies & Chicken Bar Thursday
  • Red Steer
  • Riding in the bed of a truck
  • Skiing
  • Gas costing less than $1.00