Friday, November 28, 2008


Happy Day After.

Hope your day was fonz-tastic.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I opened the box.

my current addiction:

I've had it on my phone since the App became available but at work this week (when I couldn't handle hearing that damn Taylor Swift Love Story song one more time) I busted out the desktop version. And I'm hooked! The creating of stations is addicting. What artist will Pandora think sounds like this artist? It's like the yahoo radio I used so much in college that I literally ran out of hours per month that the free radio allowed. But this is better. Individual stations! And then I discovered the Quickmix option! I now understand why it's called Pandora. Once you open it...

p.s. apparently you can have friends on it too. anyone got pandora and want to be friends?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the third diminsion!

It's all going to come true. Back to the Future II's predictions being the "It" I am referring to. In the year 2015, my friends:

  • the Cubs will win the World Series against Miami

  • Holograms will interact with people

  • fingerprints will be the main form of identity recognition

  • news will be transferred instantaneously

  • engines will run on alternative energy

  • cars will fly

  • Nike made hightop shoes that laced themselves up

  • movies will be in 3-D

We're remarkably close on a number of these predictions:

  • The Cubs and Tampa Bay (close enough...neither the Ray or Marlins existed when BTTF2 was released) could very well have met in this year's World Series. And that, I think, is hope for all you Cubs fans. Only 6 seasons to go.

  • there were Hologram people used on the news on election night (which was a little too Princess Leia "You're my only hope" for my taste)

  • fingerprints are used all over the place for identity, including on laptops

  • news is 24/7 and you know things are happening as they are unfolding

  • we're working on alternative energy for vehicles (though someone should really make Mr. Fusion so we could run on our trash...and apparently people are trying )

  • nothing yet on the flying car...or hoverboard

  • apparently Nike has done this: Nike eventually released a limited-edition version of the shoes, sans the "power-lace" feature, called the Air McFly, in July 2008.[3] Though apparently they only made 350 pairs and they don't even lace themselves. Lame sauce.

  • And 3-D is for real. There are so many movies coming out on 3-D in the coming years. It was just announced that Beauty and the Beast will be coming out in 2010. which I think is an animated feature that will totally be worth the 3-D experience. AND I'm really excited for Toy Story 3 in 3-D. Umm yeah...that's right. And, from what I'm heard, it's about the toys after Andy leaves for college (yeah, do the math, you are that old). And of course the original voices will be back. Pretty stoked. I'm so fully on board for 3 D.

And here's to the promise of a Hoverboard.

Though truth be told, I would horribly injure myself on something so awesome, but it would be too awesome to not try.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekly TV Roundup

Yes, I'm a slacker. But this week warranted that I actually do this.

  • Big Bang Theory. Klingon Boggle. Smart creepsters tracking down the ANTM house. The Battle Royale between Penny and Sheldon. Humor all around. Watch the show people, it's fun times.
  • HIMYM. Not A Fathers Day (there is an actual website. I love the interaction of this show!) The correlation between a baby and drunk Lily was brilliant. And Ted is already a dorky dad. Love it.
  • Chuck. This show is so awesomely reminiscent of the cheesy action crime shows of the 80s it makes me happy. Plus it's a hybrid of The OC and Alias. Plus it's got Tony Hale from Arrested Development.
  • OTH. It was for the USO concert. I was actually really disappointed in that. And the thought kept running through my head "would a bunch of military men be so stoked for a concert with a couple of slow emo-ish songs sung by ladies? i mean really." But I am excited for the next couple weeks episodes.
  • Heroes. This show is so lost right now, it's sad. I could tell what it was trying to do, but it just didn't do it for me. Here's to hoping for better things in the second half of the season.


  • Fringe. It felt like forever since there had been an episode. And it had been. But, it wasn't too bad. I think it's still finding its feet. I still say it needs a little Greg Grunberg...


  • Bones. So stinkin' happy it is back. And loved the episode this week with Booth's bro. We finally got some insight to Booth and I really appreciated how it was written and played out. Definitely one of the better episodes all season...getting back to the characters and away from the random cases and intern shuffle.


  • Ugly Betty. I'm digging Marc's new emo boy haircut. Great one liners. The heart is definitely back this season.
  • Greys. The episode ended with a big WTF. Seriously? Ridiculous. Really pissed me off. I love me some Jeffery Dean Morgan and his scruff and ability to look good in a T Shirt but seriously? Enough already. I truly feel sorry for the actors who play Alex and George. When are they getting decent storylines for their characters again? But I really appreciate the McSteamy and Callie friendship which will eventually lead to a true relationship that neither have had. (though the whole Little Sloan stays out of Little Grey was great) And the Yang/Hot Army Doc tension/relationship is excellent. and p.s. I think that Vaughn needs to come back and kill Lauren Reed again. I'm just saying. That's always who she'll be and I irrationally already hate her character.
  • The Office. I missed the beginning but who cares. The Oscar/Andy drunk dynamic was fabulous. I love it.

And now I'm off to go see Bond 22. Yay!!! I've only been waiting 3 years. This last couple of hours has been killing me. Slightly excited. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

popped culture: music edition 2

Personally, I continue to think that Taylor Swift is overrated. I didn't care for her when she first came out. A song or two off her first album grew on me a bit (I mean, you really couldn't escape them. They were on every station like that stupid Kid Rock/Sweet Home Alabama song. But I digress). But the more Taylor Swift was shoved down my throat, the more and more I just didn't get it. Then yesterday I watched the CMT Crossroads with her and Def Leppard (whom I have seen in concert and dig. How can you not like a band with a one-armed drummer?) and I again was struck by the thought of "I don't get what the big deal is." Her voice, not that good. Her shiny gold dress, not appropriate with the dancing she was doing as a teenager...and her dancing wasn't very good either. Not a good stage presence at all. Answer me this: Would she be as "wildly popular" if she wasn't a 6 foot tall blonde teenager? I don't think so. She writes from her heart and thus people identify with her songs...which is just fine. But Taylor Swift is overrated.

p.s. if you want to see what it should be the CMT Crossroads with Bon Jovi and Sugarland. They were having a great time putting on a great show. Class acts. And they can sing the hell outta that 6 foot tall blonde teenager.
****by the way. Since I wrote this yesterday, I swear to you she is now haunting me. At work, the XM country station plays and this morning they played abour 6 Taylor Swift songs in a row as some sort of spotlight. and the stupid Love Story song itself has played 8 times. I want to poke my ears out. That makes absolutely no sense. This is what Taylor Swift overload has done to me. Ugh. Make it stop!****

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And the winner is...

Tim Lincecum. 2008 Cy Young Winner.
As he should be.

Listen to the song below. You'll never be able to just say his name again. You'll sing it. And your life will be just a little bit better.

Our future really is looking up. And I think the time has come to pass this torch on. I believe he is worthy. Snow held it to the highest of standards and I don't doubt that Lincecum will take it to a whole new meaning. My friends: