Saturday, July 11, 2009

...this is it...

Yup. It took a No-Hitter to bring me out of blogging hibernation. But sweet lord almighty, what a great night, great story, great everything. Jonathan Sanchez...he of endless potential...became a major part of history when he needed it most. Even I had suggested that Sanchez may be best suited for the bullpen. Proved wrong tonight. And then his dad had to come and smother him in a huge hug in the dugout afterwards....I'm a sucker for that. I mean...I lost it watching the perfect game in For Love of the Game. Anyways, it was a proud night for a Giants fan. Especially after Lincecum took a no-hitter into the 7th last night. And Cain going tomorrow night. All of this has led me to a major conclusion/decision/belief---

This is It.

This can and may and should be the season. It's got all the telltale signs. Look at the White Sox of 2005, the Tigers in 2006, the Phillies last year. I'm feeling it. Been feeling it since Spring Training. And that feeling has intensified as the season has progressed. The guys have stepped up. I know there's still the second half but I gotta say, I'm feeling good about this season. 

Yeah Giants.