Friday, January 22, 2010

Fandom Classifications

So, I'm an absolute Pop Culture junkie. This we know. But now, I have learned the actual names and classifications that partially define me. Oh the joys of being a geek. And I know I'm not alone here. So, what's your classification?

Which fandoms are you a part of?
In pop culture, there are many fun classifications and names for different types of people. Which ones do you belong to?
By @EWFrontRow | Survey created less than 2 days ago | This survey ends on Feb 28, 2010

1- Which of the following fan groups do you consider yourself a part of?

So, for the record, I am:

An Abramsologist-Dunderhead-Film Snob-Gleek-Lostie-Shipper-Vulture-Warsie.

And I like it

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Alisa Marie said...

wait for it.... i'm an
Abramsologist-Dunderhead/Dunder Mifflinite-Film Snob-Foodie-Gleek- Lostie/Lostaway-Potterite/Potthead- Psych-O -Vultures-Warsie-Watch and Learner- X-Philes.

And so should yoU! someone should stop me....