Saturday, December 3, 2011

you can still be thankful in december...

I had planned on barging back into the blogging world for a Thanksgiving extravaganza. Then I got sicky...but I am still bringing it back. So, all the things I'm most thankful for in this glorious life (one week later):
grace. my iPhone. friends. laughter. taco bell. being employed. tomas de la cruz, my trusty jeep. good quality engrossing fiction. prayer. answers to prayer. unexpected answers to prayer. baseball. being alive to witness and experience the Giants as world series champs. DVR. spectre. the soreness after a good hike. living in california. family. friends that are family. enjoying the use of all 5 senses. the comforting sights and sounds from a VCR. sunsets. crossing things off my Super Random Life Goal List. the subtle brillance of Brendan Fraser. cooking with friends. live music. the Sigh No More album by mumford. cross-country road trips. laughing to the point where your face hurts. sleep. christmas joy. my rainbow flip-flops. HIMYM. not having all the answers. my babyniece. new experiences. things that don't change. star wars. facebook (for making far away friends and family stay connected). mountains. the ocean. ice cream. not being lactose intolerant.
I'm certain there is more but that'll do for now. Thanks, it's a good thing!